Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem is an Assistant Professor of Cross Cultural Psychology and Learning & People Development Specialist. For the last 18 years she has lectured on a wide range of courses such as Cross Cultural Psychology, Social Psychology, Organizational Behaviour & Global Management as well as helped develop employee skills and competencies at numerous private and public sector organizations. She is currently a professor at Hult International Business School in Dubai. She was a featured author 2 years running at the prestigious Emirates International Literature Festival and a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

She has studied and worked in different parts of the world, including the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. Shaheem appreciates the importance of cultural relativity and tries to find both similarities as well as significant cultural variations in human cognition, emotions and behavior. After all, differences should not be deficiencies.

As well as lecturing, Samineh Shaheem’s on going research, extending from her doctorate, combines her psychology background and academic career. Being a cross-cultural psychologists, and appreciating the importance of uncovering cultural similarities and differences in psychological traits and behaviours, she examines the identity transformation and the adaptation /acculturation process of people in cultural transition, especially from the Gulf region.


Therefore her particular area of expertise is in relation to consulting/coaching business/academic institutions and individuals in matters regarding cultural adaptation/adjustment, cultural identity challenges, culture shock, effective communication, assertiveness training, self confidence, creativity, stress management, emotional and cultural intelligence, burnout and repatriation concerns of different groups such as expatriates, sojourners and immigrants.

Furthermore she has been working as a Talent and Leadership Senior Consultant and Learning/Development Facilitator in the UAE at the regional award winning Etisalat Academy. Involved in assessments to support the recruitment, selection, development and nurturing of talent through appropriate diagnostic tools. The types of assessments include psychometric tests, case studies, competency based interviews, role plays, presentations, group activities and in-tray exercises.

Also, developing and implementing training sessions for both groups and individuals, in an inspiring up to date way, on a wide range of topics such as creativity, psychological violence, expatriate adjustment, coaching, team work, public speaking, recruitment and selection, performance reviews employee assessment.

She is a certified Leadership Challenge consultant/coach and has conducted sessions using these practices to individuals from both the private and public sectors. Complex topics are carefully researched, seminar objectives clearly set and information is effectively transferred to participants in a comprehensible yet enjoyable manner.

In 2009, Samineh began a campaign in the UAE called BOLT DOWN ON BULLYING in connection with Dubai Eye talk radio and the Human Relations Institute, in order to better understand the visage of bullying and to try and tackle it in our schools. Shaheem regularly visits schools and conducts seminars/workshops, talking to children, parents, teachers and staff about both the bully and victims, highlighting causes, symptoms, and strategies to try and prevent this very serious issue. For the Emirates Literature Festival this year, she published the book 'Adam's mysterious Tummy Ache' as a children's story book but also as a resource for parents to begin talking to their children about this topic.

In order to reach a wider audience, Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem co-hosts a weekly radio program called ‘Voices of Diversity’ on Dubai Eye (103.8 FM 10-12pm), Dubai Today with show host, Suzanne Radford. She also has a unique weekly column in Khaleej Times - 'Out of Mind', focusing on the diverse psychological and cultural character of the region. Each week, a different topic is explored, in an informative yet engaging manner to try and shed light on issues relevant to all our lives. She regularly contributes to other magazines and newspapers such as Cosmopolitan Middle East and Gulf News.