Bolt Down on Bullying

Bolt Down on Bullying

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By Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem

Bolt Down on Bullying

A program especially designed for the UAE by Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem - Assistant Professor of Cultural Psychology and Learning & Development Specialist in collaboration with Dubai Eye 103.8 FM.

The BDOB campaign was featured in the International Psychology Conference Dubai in 2014


Since 2010, the Bolt Down on Bullying Campaign has continued to raise awareness regarding bullying in hopes of reducing incidents and sharing effective strategies on how to confront it. Join us on this mission since your affiliation shows commitment to fostering an environment of greater empathy and less hostility.


What Is Bullying?

Bullying among children encompasses a variety of negative acts carried out repeatedly over time. It involves a real or perceived imbalance of power, with the more powerful child or group attacking those who are less powerful. Bullying can take different forms: physical (hitting, kicking, spitting, pushing, taking personal belongings): verbal (taunting, malicious teasing, name calling, making threats): psychological (spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, or engaging in social exclusion, extortion, or intimidation) and more recently, cyber bullying (through the use of technology, the internet, social media websites and mobile devices).

Excuses That Adults Make

Bullying is a serious problem and therefore should be dealt with as such. Unfortunately parents/educators sometimes underestimate the impact and magnitude of bullying behavior by brushing it aside or responding with comments such as:

  • Sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you
  • It is good for you. It toughens you up.
  • Fight your own battles.
  • Ignore it and it will go away.
  • Come on! Stick up for yourself. You won't always have us around to stick up for you.
  • I was bullied and it never did me any harm.
  • You've got to be tough to survive in this world.
  • I never interfere in difficulties between children. They have to learn to sort out problems between themselves.
  • Boys will be Boys!
  • Girls are just mean at that age!

Join the Bolt Down on Bullying Campaign

All you need to do is register and will schedule a visit to your school.

Although we do offer workshops for teachers and parents, the first presentation will be for the students. The knowledge shared is based on our guiding values and principles.

Objectives based on these principles

  • Being bullied is not a rite of passage to be endured as an aspect of development.
  • Schools should provide safe learning with an intentional approach to bullying prevention.
  • Students must be oriented yearly concerning the school policies regarding bullying.
  • We need to collaborate with schools and parents for effective results
  • Reduce and prevent instances of bullying

Topics covered during a student assembly

  • To define bullying
  • Explore types of bullying
  • To become aware of how to respond to bullying as an individual
  • To become aware of how to respond to bullying as a bystander
  • To commit to bully free school
  • To visualize a bully free environment

Seminars for teachers and parents

Bespoke seminars are organized so that we can involve more people by working together using lectures based on extensive research and experience, presentations, case studies, discussion groups, and structured exercises with feedback to strengthen skills and create intervention activities that you can use both at home and at school to try and combat bullying in our schools and neighborhoods.

Here is a list of some the main points we will cover:

  • What is bullying and how does it occur
  • What are the psychological explanations for the reason why bullying occurs
  • What are the consequences of being bullied
  • How does a culturally diverse and transient environment contribute to bullying behavior
  • How is bullying different in the UAE in comparison to other countries
  • How to recognize signs that a child is being bullied
  • How to improve communication between parents, teachers and children
  • How to prevent bullying in schools
  • How we can all be actively involved in order to BOLT DOWN ON BULLYING

Who should participate?

Parents, older siblings, counselors, school administrators, educators, therapists, trainers and others concerned about making schools safe places for all.

Schools or community groups are invited to sign up individuals or teams. Please contact us on for more information.

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The UAE is the second most attacked country online in the Middle East, according to study by Kaspersky Lab.

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Ibrahim is 17 years old and freely admits to being a bully. "I have to be," he said.

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