Learning & People Development

Learning & People Development

Dr. Shaheem is a talent and leadership consultant and learning/development facilitator with more than 17 years of ongoing research, lecturing and training experience.

Training programs are structured around ‘why/how to do it’ more than ‘what to do’. Therefore, training is based on a growth mindset and building skills rather than knowledge. The sessions are fun and informative, outdoor and indoor and deliver human performance solutions to meet your business objectives.


Individuals are unique, whole and resourceful. They hold all the answers and are aware of the destination, so all that is required is a vehicle to get them where they need to go. Their presence and performance is key to shaping the organizational environment and achieving objectives.

Through personal and professional developmental programs and specifically designed learning strategies, together we will strive to elevate people to a higher level of thinking and in turn, enhance their well-being.

Dr. Shaheem will work closely with your team, regardless of project size, scope or location, by providing cost-effective, tailored training solutions that align with their objectives, values and needs.

Methods include assessments, interactive skills training, transferring of relevant ideas and information, videos and experiential exercises.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development Activities

  • Business Skills Training
  • Behavioural Competency Development
  • Personal Development
  • Psychometric Employee Assessments
  • Employee Well Being Consulting
  • Coaching and Development Programs

Signature Training Topics

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Expatriate Cultural Adjustment Program
  • Communication Skills
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Psychological Violence & Bullying
  • Leadership Challenge
  • Coaching Your Team
  • Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Performance Review Training Program
  • Personal Reflection & Renewal Program