Life Clubs

Life Clubs

Life Clubs are practical and enjoyableworkshops which will motivate you to get more out of life and work. Founded by Daily Telegraph (Get a Life) columnist, Nina Grunfeld, in 2004, Life Clubs run regular workshops in the UK, Canada, Singapore, France and now brought to the UAE by Dr. Samineh I. Shaheem. Our inspirational programs will move you forward in life, making your thinking clearer, more self-confidence and motivated.

Life Clubs is a self-empowering programme to create optimal personal change. Each of our workshops has been specifically designed to give you a new tool which will help you gain self-knowledge on everything from your relationships, creativity to reaching your goals.Our 50 workshops have been proven to make employees more confident, more resilient and more engaged. Independent research has shown that our workshops put the individual at the centre of your organisation and so can create optimal personal and organisational change.

Since 2009 we've had three independent investigations looking into the positive benefits of Life Clubs workshops. All three studies provide validation of the Life Clubs model as a simple, successful and effective intervention in terms of psychological well-being, with statistically significant improvements found in areas such as positive mood, confidence, goal-setting and decision-making capabilities and quality of life.


Each Life Clubs workshop is focused on a different aspect of development

Life Clubs uses concepts from:

  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Coaching
  • NLP
  • Positive Psychology

Life Clubs is designed to create optimal personal change. It does this in 7 vital ways:

  • Can be shorter training programs such as 3 hour and ½ day sessions.
  • Requires that you have more regular sessions to keep reinforcing principles
  • It enables people to think for themselves
  • It enables them to help others as well as learn from them. They are agents of their own change as well as agents of change of others
  • It gives participants tools (questions, mind maps, perspectives etc) that can be re-used over and over again in all kinds of different situations - both personal and work-related
  • Unique mix of interactive and private learning
  • Focused on individual gain with maximum impact

Statistically significant and long-lasting improvements found in areas such as:

  • Positive mood
  • Purpose in life
  • General confidence
  • Goal-setting
  • Decision-making capabilities
  • Quality of life
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